Finding your mystical creature is only the foundation of a meaningful life

You have yet to see the noblest lessons revealed right in front of you

Science has evolved from mere theories into practice.. and there are those that simply defy scientific explanation

Usually, some people tend to build their thoughts around what they know only, and ignore the existence of other things they are ignorant of.

So.. follow me along and discover a world that has been hidden from modern society since the 1920's.

The knowledge of elements is not a familiar topic to many people.

Have ever thought about the mysteries of old? Do you envisage a world outside that which humans inhabit?

In ancient times, there were many elements on earth that existed. But with advancement of science and human spiritual growth, we are finally realising we are at a point of stagnation. Often, we hear of the universal force and its effects in the world. This is usually likened to what controls humans and the cause of events that happen in their lives.

When the Universe conspires to help you achieve what you desire

Since you have taken the leap of faith..

Let me start by opening up your mind on understanding the elements that have been able to connect to people personally.
You might have been searching for answers your entire life..

Answers to spiritual or material abundance to improve your life, even just a little bit..

Above all, take a look around you with soulful eyes because the remarkable revelations have always been embedded in the most unlikely of places.

Those who do not believe in divine intervention on the other hand, will never find it.

My search for more knowledge unraveling the truth has resulted in this powerful book. As you dive into it, these are what you will be exposed to:

How Greater Things Work Together For Good

The Four Elements and their attributes
The fifth Element and how it relates to our world
The basic impact of the various elements in our world
How the Elements are combined to give different results
The prevailing characters of these Elements
How the absence of one element affects the other
There are many more to expect as you unravel the mysterious world. In many situations, there has been a neglect of this basic knowledge.

With the rapid pace the world evolves, and even with the thoughts creeping into us occasionally

we frequently overlook the impact of these elements' importance...

That said, due to a handful of dedicated people we have lately been drawn into acceptance that elements are a significant part of human existence.

Dive into your Elemental Being and Polish your life

Let’s take a closer look at these elements. All representations of quantum particles occur as flux of the four elements in the foundational building of the Universe that is unparalleled; and the elements and changes in the characteristics of structures remain dependent on the contribution where these phenomenal processes are combined. 

According to the ancient ideology of the Four Elements, all things are formed of fire, air, earth, and water; and the forms and variations in the characteristics of structures depend entirely on the proportion in which these great principles are mingled.

Earth controls the structure of all solids and gives the universe form and steadiness; air surrounds the pores of all bodies and covers the world like a plinth; water forms the all-encompassing sea and enriches every organic matter; and earth enters the composition of all solids and gives the universe form and stability ; fire can be activated by a majority of materials.
In an attempt to deeper explore the infinite game of Life, we explore:


Earth controls the structure of all solids and gives the universe form and steadiness; air surrounds the pores of all bodies and covers the world like a plinth, and symbolizes your world of senses


Water, which is the formless unity, is fluidity and flexibility, forms the all-encompassing sea and enriches every organic matter and symbolizes your subconscious mind; Intuition is a deeper perception


Fire, which is limitless and zeal, and is a fiery heat that consumes everything, or, in its highest awakening, becomes the embodiment of spiritual transcendence


Air that is devoid of shape and is incapable of any fixed form, surrounds the pores of all bodies and covers the world like a plinth. It is our intellectual comprehension of things that symbolizes your world of thoughts being rational and having a systematic process
All elements are bound by:

Soul that stands at the center of the four elements as a Fundamental nature, an Observer, and Awakening coming forth to understand the allure of Life.

A popular saying indicates that knowledge is power.

However, did you know that you can have knowledge on a particular subject matter, and you would still continue to struggle if you do not have proof to back your knowledge?

People don't have to pressure themselves to understand my thought process.

This book was written after my personal encounter with these mythical beings.

Initially, I wrestled on how to reveal this knowledge to the world

I'm well aware that I'd be admonished and many people would doubt me.

But at this very moment..

This is more reason I dug deep into history to buttress my points. Reading this book will give you a different perspective entirely.
What are your earnest expectations before you thought about reading a book on astrology?

You were probably for more knowledge on what had existed and how it can blend with our present lives.

You will get to know about the four Elements mysteries that have not been discovered.

These Elements have their various functions and when they are combined properly, they can yield positive results.

It is paramount to note that the effect of one Element over the other cannot be underestimated.

The Elements are another way of connecting with our present world.

This book gives more in-depth knowledge that makes us curious to know more.

I want you to see what I have gained through this understanding and allow yourself to deepen your mind with the knowledge in this book.

There is a lot to be explored in our world.

So, why do we allow ourselves to be our own limitations?

No matter your past knowledge, this is an interesting exposition to write your own future

The language is simple and concise. It can be understood by any.

This is what you will be getting:

Elemental Essence PDF

In this eBook, you will learn how to manage your personality adequately. You will be exposed to various points of reasoning

You will see how the various elements are combined with their strengths and weaknesses explained.
And this will help you to discover why humans make certain decisions. The implications and the positive outcomes have been given in detail.
Knowledge is never enough if it is for the purpose of one’s advancement.
There are various reasons people search for knowledge.
With the knowledge in this book, one is certain to see life from a different perspective.
The quest to be judgmental will be reduced as there will be an understanding of how other people work.
More so, it will breed acceptance for other personalities that we do not possess.
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