What if there was a way to not only harness the powers of your mythical guardian but to also…

Become the Leader of Your Life, Fulfilling Dream after Dream, Achieving Goal after Goal, While Becoming the Fountain of Abundance Your Loved Ones Are Craving?

Because right now, that power is right in front of you! And the only thing separating it from you is your own ability to make a decision. An informed one, a rational one, one that is founded on your understanding that your soul needs as much nourishment as your body and mind.

The one decision you kept making as a child that enabled you to escape the harsh 3D reality into the realm of fantasy where you were the hero.

But I want you to remember something...

Something that will shed light on your current reality...

How many times, when escaping into your own imagination, did you allow yourself to “save the day”?

Every time, right?

Why did the day need saving, though?

Was it because something terrible had happened?

Or was it because you were the one who unconsciously created obstacles, trials, and quests?

Struggles you saw through every single time.

You won, you escaped, and you emerged victoriously on the other side of a burning bridge or a moat filled with alligators, smashing through the gates of the old citadel where the treasure was waiting for you!

Every single one of these obstacles you created helped you become stronger. They helped you thicken your skin to face the harsh reality that was waiting for you once you opened your eyes!

And that… was your choice!

To draw strength and inspiration from the imaginary world that grew and flourished in your mind and soul.

A world that slowly faded once grown-ups...

Started silencing you

Filled your mind with made-up rules

Got you to stay still and not raise your voice

Molded you into another brick in the wall

But I know that from time to time when you see a wooden sword, a wand, or a cape, your inner child remembers its superpowers.

It remembers the white castle walls, the deserted islands, and the dark forest filled with mystical creatures.

Some were friends; some were foes… But they all played their part.

Without even realizing it, you learned something from their wisdom.

Whether it was wittiness from the sneaky Fairies or the ability to value your own presence from the majestic Unicorn.

Whether it was getting your way using the Mermaids’ songs or fiercely destroying your enemies like a Dragon’s fire.

Whether you accepted the wisdom of the truth-speaking Sphinx or burned yourself to save the innocent, only to rise again, fueled by the Phoenix’s spirit.

All these traits have kept your inner child alive as they have been its source of strength. Even though it's been silent for all these years, you can still feel it in a corner, ready to storm the world in a feeble attempt to save what’s left of the goodness around you!

And now… you have a choice!

To give your inner child the tools it needs to win these fights...

Or to let your inner child stumble in the dark, without a torch, with only a wooden sword, a broken wand, and a torn cape to keep it warm during the long, shivery night that your reality is for it!

If you choose to help your inner child, the outcome is unforeseen but glorious! Because with the help of all the magical creatures that have kept it company these lonely years, its quest will be to empower YOU! And you will become your inner child’s torch and the torch of those around you stumbling in the dark!

You will become the leader of your mythical pack, allowing each member to have their voice heard and their presence felt like the unique magical creature that they are as you walk together on the path of abundance and true soul fulfillment!

And yes, all of it will impact your 3D reality, allowing those you love to grow and fulfill their soul’s deepest desires.

You will empower your Dragon cousin to tame the fire that’s fueling their negative energies and emotions! You will help your Ashray bestie to set up healthy boundaries and smash the shackles she has placed on her wrists. You will become the beacon your Fairy child needs to remain focused and complete everything they set their mind to. 

And you might even clear a meadow in that dark forest so that your Unicorn partner can shine in the sunlight!

The possibilities are endless.

They are up to you.

And the choice you make next.

Because I know that for the past five minutes, I helped you escape the bills, the taxes, the debt, the daily worries that consume your soul and darken the forest your inner child lies in.

And it feels good, even if it’s just a few minutes each day.

Because that is your choice right now.

Do you want the tools that help you escape and gather strength to come back fierce and ready to build a new reality for yourself?

Do you want to see your daily struggles as meaningless as crossing a log bridge or a foggy marsh?

Do you want to regain your voice and your presence in your own life?

And eliminate all the silence created through the programming you received from society?

The time is now.

Because in the world of mythical creatures…

In the world of fantasy and magic…

In your mind (because that is where they are all created)…

You are the Creator.

And you now have access to the tools that will help you craft your desires!

So if you are ready to experience…

New Beginning

Begin living a life filled with magic and abundance…

New Life

Wake up each day knowing your inner child will be fully alive, playful, and excited about the day ahead...

New Exploration

See the glorious world of mythical creatures become your new reality, replacing the cold, sterile, boring world you’ve been living in so far…

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